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First of all, Suchitaa is a brand. We are handcrafted jewellery specialists. We are, basically a handmade jewellery manufacturing business which works relentlessly in creating exquisite, appealing, modern and most importantly unique jewellery items for you. At Suchitaa, we offer you the most amazing collection of the best handmade jewellery, women’s ethnic jewellery, semi-precious jewellery, handcrafted pearl earrings, handcrafted necklaces and any more. The list has no limit. Our manufacturing is based on your requirement. What you order, will be manufactured especially & ONLY FOR YOU. As a result, the piece you get is a unique jewellery item and only you will have it.

Why Consider Suchitaa?

For Unique Handcrafted Jewellery?

We are into contemporary handmade jewellery work. Which means, we go with today’s trends. Modern jewellery items, custom made jewellery, ethnic jewellery.  Stylish Jewellery is something which is in trend today. SHOWING OFF, as they say. Our gorgeous handmade jewellery items are affordable, modish and above all exquisite. We understand, what today’s generation needs in terms of jewellery. One set of necklace cannot suffice the need for every occasion. You need to have a collection of various kinds of events.

What We Provide?

Our Top Selling Point : UNIQUENESS

The word UNIQUE is of great value to us. We don’t repeat the same jewellery design again. Every handmade jewellery design is Unique and would never be repeated again. So, two different people never have the same thing. Making unique jewellery is not easy. We have to keep track of what we have done already. The list is long, but it is necessary to keep track.  All these items are handmade and are true in quality and finesse. You will never get a chance to complain about it. In the end, we are here to provide quality material only.

About Us

Suchita is among the best handmade jewellery providers in the country. Established in the year 2017, as a state-of-the-art company, we have earned a decent customer loyalty through its unique handcrafted items. The services provided by the company is the rationale behind its success so far. Soon after its emergence in the enchanting world of Handmade Jewellery, the company has created a respectable position in the most high profile industry. It is the zest and effort which drives us in making such unique jewellery items for you. Consequently, Suchitaa is one of the best and fast growing business in handmade jewellery in Nagpur.

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Jewellery : Why is it so important?

Women love Jewellery. That’s a simple but a very important fact. Men must know that. What does jewellery do? It makes you look beautiful. No. That you are already. It helps in enhancing your beauty. You don’t wear fancy jewellery at home or just for the sake of it. You wear it when you wish to feel special. That is every day, but sometimes a bit more. Going for a get-together, a family function, an event or anything. A compliment is loved by every person. Jewellery makes it happen for you. All eyes stay wide and sometimes jealous because you look amazing with a certain attire and certain kind of jewellery. Therefore, to be in the headlines and compliments and also discussions, jewellery is essential.

Our Collection

We provide the most Amazing Handmade Jewellery.

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Great Collection

We offer you the most unique & exclusive collection of Handmade Jewellery. Our designs are unique and exquisite as our brand.


Latest Style

The collection is as stylish as you want it to be. Our artists invest their creativity in order to provide Handmade jewellery that matters.


Exquisite Design

One of the most common question is, “What makes a Handcrafted jewellery so different and remarkable?” It is because of the craftsmanship.

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Custom Made

We encourage our customers to go for Personalized jewellery. We understand the expectations of our customers and give them the best products we have.

Your Beautiful Get Up

Complimented By Our Touch
We believe that the genuineness and authenticity of Handmade Jewellery are impeccable and unmatchable. Every single step, taken for the creation of handmade jewellery is a task of high responsibilities. The Handmade jewellery is one of the best treasure one can have for a lifetime. These are made specially and every detail of jewellery is taken care of by the artists. All of the designs we create fro the jewelleries are totally Unique. We do not repeat the designs that are carved in any previous jewellery set. If you ever buy a jewellery set from us, you can be sure that it is a Unique jewellery.

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